be ashamed (epaischunomai | Strong's # G1870)

  • Definition: "to experience or feel shame or disgrace because of some particular event or activity -- ‘to be ashamed of.’" [ref] // "the feeling of shame arising from something that has been done" [ref] // "To bring shame upon oneself, to be ashamed of" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to be sorry"; "to invert, withdraw"; "shame, a modesty that springs from a sense of proper discernment and behavior" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to rejoice"; "to be merry" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • am ... ashamed 1x: 2 Timothy 1:12
    • be ashamed 1x: 2 Timothy 1:8
    • was ... ashamed of 1x: 2 Timothy 1:16

testimony (marturion | Strong's # G3142)

  • Definition: "the content of what is witnessed or said -- ‘testimony, witness.’" [ref] // "Testimony, witness, proof, the declaration which confirms or makes something known" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "proof, demonstration"; "confirmation"; "a token, infallible proof" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "silence"; "acquittal" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: testimony 2x: 1 Timothy 2:6; 2 Timothy 1:8

join with (me) in suffering (sugkakopatheō | Strong's # G4777)

  • Definition: "to undergo the same type of suffering as others do -- ‘to join in suffering, to assume one’s share of suffering, to suffer together.’" [ref] // "To suffer hardship, evil or affliction along with someone" [ref]
  • Synonyms: " to suffer with"; "to travail in pain together"; "to groan together"; "to sorrow with"; "to suffer affliction with" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to rejoice with" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • join with (me) in suffering 1x: 2 Timothy 1:8
    • suffer hardship with (me) 1x: 2 Timothy 2:3

has been revealed (phaneroō | Strong's # G5319)

  • Definition: "to cause to become visible -- ‘to make appear, to make visible, to cause to be seen.’" [ref] // "signifies, in the active voice, 'to manifest'; in the passive voice, 'to be manifested' ... To be manifested, in the Scriptural sense of the word, is more than to 'appear.' A person may 'appear' in a false guise or without a disclosure of what he truly is; to be manifested is to be revealed in one’s true character" [ref] // "To make apparent, manifest, known, show openly" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to make known"; "to make fully known, reassert"; "to announce or report"; "to announce throughout"; "to declare"; "to make plain"; "to declare plainly, make manifest"; "to reveal" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to cover, conceal" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • has been revealed 1x: 2 Timothy 1:10
    • manifested 1x: Titus 1:3
    • was revealed 1x: 1 Timothy 3:16

appearing (epiphaneia | Strong's # G2015)

  • Definition: "to appear to someone or at some place -- ‘to appear, appearance, appearing.’" [ref] // "'epiphany,' lit., 'a shining forth,' was used of the 'appearance' of a god to men, and of an enemy to an army in the field, etc. In the NT it occurs of (a) the advent of the Savior when the Word became flesh ... (b) the coming of the Lord Jesus into the air to the meeting with His saints ... (c) the shining forth of the glory of the Lord Jesus" [ref] // "An appearing, appearance" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "revelation, unveiling"; "appearance, appearing, presence"; "manifestation" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "absence" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • appearing 4x: 1 Timothy 6:14; 2 Timothy 1:10; 4:1, 8
    • the appearing 1x: Titus 2:8

immortality (aphtharsia | Strong's # G861)

  • Definition: "the state of not being subject to decay, leading to death -- ‘immortal, immortality.’" [ref] // "Incorruption, incorruptibility, incapacity for corruption" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "the crown of glory which is going to be made, as it were, of an unfading flower"; "the incorruptibility of the resurrection body"; "the future impossibility of [the body's] separation from its spirit" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "corruptibility"; "thorough and utter corruptibility" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: immortality 1x: 2 Timothy 1:10

have entrusted to Him (parathēkē | Strong's # G3866)

  • Definition: "that which has been entrusted to the care of someone -- ‘what is entrusted, what is someone’s responsibility to care for.’" [ref] // "'a putting with, a deposit' (para, 'with,' tithemi, 'to put')" [ref] // "A deposit, trust, something committed to one's charge" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "a repository"; "a laying aside" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • has been entrusted to you 1x: 1 Timothy 6:20
    • have entrusted 1x: 2 Timothy 1:12
    • which has been entrusted 1x: 2 Timothy 1:14