entrust (paratithēmi | Strong's # G3908)
  • Definition: "to entrust oneself to the care of someone -- ‘to entrust oneself to, to commit oneself to the care of.’" [ref] // "(from para, near or unto, and tithēmi, to put) To put or place near someone" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to deliver over"; "to place near or set before"; "to approve or represent as worthy"; "keep, watch, preserve" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to remove"; "to move away"; "to transfer"; "to depart out"; "to take"; "to lay hold of"; "to lift, take up or away"; "to seize"; "to take forcibly" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • entrust 1x: 2 Timothy 2:2
    • I entrust to 1x: 1 Timothy 1:18

soldier (stratiōtēs | Strong's # G4757)

  • Definition: "a person of ordinary rank in an army -- ‘soldier.’" [ref] // "A soldier, warrior" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "soldier or guardsman" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: soldier 1x: 2 Timothy 2:3

entangles himself in (emplekō | Strong's # G1707)

  • Definition: "to become so involved in some activity as to experience severe restrictions as to what one can do -- ‘to become involved.’" [ref] // "'to weave in' (en, 'in,' pleko, 'to weave'), hence, metaphorically, to be involved, entangled in" [ref] // "To braid in, interweave, entangle, implicate. In the NT used metaphorically, to involve in, entangle." [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to ensnare"; "to hold in a yoke or bondage"; "to seduce"; "to beguile, deceive"; "to fall into or among" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to liberate"; "to release" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: entangles himself in 1x: 2 Timothy 2:4

competes as an athlete ... he competes (athleō | Strong's # G118)

  • Definition: "to engage in an athletic contest, with emphasis upon competition -- ‘to compete.’" [ref] // "To contend, to be a champion in public games such as boxing, throwing the disc, wrestling, running" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to contend earnestly"; "to contend"; "to fight, quarrel"; "to struggle against"; "to strive together with"; "to fight fiercely" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to live quietly"; "to quiet, appease"; "to bring to peace, reconcile"; "to make peace"; "to give rest" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • competes as an athlete 1x: 2 Timothy 2:5
    • he competes 1x: 2 Timothy 2:5