hard-working (kopiaō | Strong's # G2872)

  • Definition: "to engage in hard work, implying difficulties and trouble -- ‘hard work, toil, to work hard, to toil, to labor.’" [ref] // "(a) 'to grow tired with toil' ... also means (b) 'to bestow labor, work with toil'" [ref] // "To be worn out, weary, faint ... To weary oneself with labor, to toil" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to strive"; "to work"; "to be diligent"; "to strive or wrestle" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to give rest, refresh"; "to cause to cease, restrain"; "to be still"; "to let up" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • hard-working 1x: 2 Timothy 2:6
    • we labor 1x: 1 Timothy 4:10
    • work hard 1x: 1 Timothy 5:17

farmer (geōrgos | Strong's # G1092)

  • Definition: "one who engages in agriculture or gardening -- ‘farmer, gardener.’" [ref] // "from ge, 'land, ground,' and ergo (or erdo), 'to do' (Eng., 'George'), denotes (a) 'a husbandman,' a tiller of the ground ... (b) 'a vinedresser'" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: farmer 1x: 2 Timothy 2:6

solemnly charge (diamarturomai | Strong's # G1263)

  • Definition: "to admonish or instruct with regard to some future happening or action, with the implication of personal knowledge or experience -- ‘to warn.’" [ref] // "primarily it signifies to testify through and through, bear a solemn witness; hence, 'to charge earnestly'" [ref] // "To bear witness, testify earnestly or repeatedly, or to charge as it were before witnesses, to affirm" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to admonish, literally to draw asunder"; "to charge strictly"; "to accuse"; "to command, give charge"; "to rebuke"; "to command, give charge"; "to question so as to make sure" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to give assurance"; "to persuade"; "to applaud, commend"; "to speak well of, bless" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • solemnly charge (them) 1x: 2 Timothy 2:14
    • I solemnly charge 2x: 1 Timothy 5:21; 2 Timothy 4:1

be diligent (spoudazō | Strong's # G4704)

  • Definition: "to do something with intense effort and motivation -- ‘to work hard, to do one’s best, to endeavor.’" [ref] // "it signifies 'to hasten to do a thing, to exert oneself, endeavor, give diligence'" [ref] // "To be diligent, earnest, or eager" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to strive or labor to be diligent"; "to see or desire eagerly" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to neglect"; "to neglect, be forgetful"; "to forsake, let go"; "to delay, be lazy" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • be diligent 1x: 2 Timothy 2:15
    • make every effort 3x: 2 Timothy 4:9, 21; Titus 3:12