judge (krinō | Strong's # G2919)

  • Definition: "to make a judgment based upon the correctness or value of something -- ‘to evaluate, to judge.’" [ref] // "To separate, distinguish, discriminate between good and evil, select, choose out the good. In the NT, it means to judge, to form or give an opinion after separating and considering the particulars of a case." [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to accuse before a court of justice"; "to know something against, think ill of, condemn as a result of an enlightened conscience"; "to pronounce judgment, condemn"; "to ascertain exactly"; "to discern"; "to reckon, esteem"; "to set at naught"; "to form an opinion" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to answer back in making a defense, to excuse oneself"; "to regard as just or innocent"; "to dismiss, forgive, remit, let go"; "to release"; "to judge well, render honor" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • I have decided 1x: Titus 3:12
    • judge 1x: 2 Timothy 4:1

preach (kērussō | Strong's # G2784)

  • Definition: "to publicly announce religious truths and principles while urging acceptance and compliance -- ‘to preach.’" [ref] // "signities (a) 'to be a herald,' or, in general, 'to proclaim'; (b) 'to preach the gospel as a herald'" [ref] // "To preach, to herald, proclaim" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to proclaim the good news, evangelize"; "to proclaim, promulgate, declare"; "to testify thoroughly"; "to speak or preach boldly"; "to herald thoroughly, declare, preach, signify" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to muzzle, put to silence"; "to be silent"; "to be still" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles:
    • preach 1x: 2 Timothy 4:2
    • proclaimed 1x: 1 Timothy 3:16

in season (eukairōs | Strong's # G2122)

  • Definition: "pertaining to being a favorable occasion for some event -- ‘favorable, good.’" [ref] // "Opportunely, conveniently, in season" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "inopportunely, out of season"; "impracticably, with difficulty" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: in season 1x: 2 Timothy 4:2

out of season (akairōs | Strong's # G171)

  • Definition: "pertaining to the lack of a favorable opportunity for doing something -- ‘unfavorable, when the time is not right.’" [ref] // "inopportunely, unseasonably" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: out of season 1x: 2 Timothy 4:2

rebuke (epitimaō | Strong's # G2008)

  • Definition: "to express strong disapproval of someone -- ‘to rebuke, to denounce.’" [ref] // "to adjudge, to find fault with, rebuke" [ref] // "In the NT, to punish, rebuke, charge" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to reprove with conviction"; "to threaten"; "to bear a solemn witness"; "to snort with anger, to charge strictly, rebuke sternly"; "to accuse"; "to strike at, rebuke" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to praise" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: rebuke 1x: 2 Timothy 4:2

endure (anechomai | Strong's # G430)

  • Definition: "to continue to accept as valid or true -- ‘to accept, to receive.’ " [ref] // "signifies 'to hold up against a thing and so to bear with' (ana, 'up,' and echomai, the middle voice of echo, 'to have, to hold')" [ref] // "To hold in or back, restrain, stop" [ref]
  • Synonyms: "to support, carry, take up"; "to bring or bear"; "to bear up under, endure"; "to bear or endure habitually";"to bear as a matter of permanent attitude"; "to bear up against, provide a roof over"; "to treat with mildness or moderation, bear gently with"; "to be steadfast, patient"; "to suffer evil"; "to suffer"; "to hold under"; "to endure as far as things or circumstances are concerned"; "enduring or being longsuffering toward people" [ref]
  • Antonyms: "to judge" [ref]
  • Pastoral Epistles: endure 1x: 2 Timothy 4:3