The Bible is so complicated. How can I read and understand it?

The Bible - a.k.a. Scripture or the Scriptures - is actually much simpler than many people realize. It is made up of several types (or "genres") of literature (narrative, poetry, prophecy, etc.) that tells a unified story of God's plan and purpose for the human race. The first part of the Bible (the Old Testament) centers on God's dealings with the nation of Israel. The second part of the Bible (the New Testament) centers on the coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of his church.

At the heart of Scripture is the story of the gracious and loving God who mercifully extends salvation to us rebellious and undeserving sinners. In a word, it is about reconciliation.

Today as never before, there exists a wide array of helps for understanding the Bible. For example, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, introductions, and word study aids offer a wealth of knowledge. (See the RESOURCES section of this website for some suggested titles.)