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Recommended Resources:

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Creative Bible Teaching
Lawrence O. Richards and Gary J. Bredfeldt
Communicating the Scriptures is much like building a bridge. However, instead of ravines or rivers, the teacher must span both cultural boundaries and great gulfs of time between the present and the pasts of Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul. Though God's Word is always relevant, the teacher must help students see Scripture's vast treasures. (Logos)
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The Elements of Preaching
Warren W. Wiersbe and David Wiersbe
"The art of biblical preaching -- clearly and simply presented." Here are the basic preaching principles as well as the main preaching prohibitions that can help you sharpen and focus your skills in the pulpit. Underlying these elements is a heartfelt understanding of the power and purpose of preaching: "A preacher must not be satisfied merely to instruct the mind; he must also stir the heart and motivate the will to apply God's truth personally," say the authors. (Logos)
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Power in the Pulpit
Jerry Vines and Jim Shaddix
Sermon preparation and delivery are two of the most fulfilling and frustrating experiences anyone can undertake. This book will reduce the frustration and increase the fulfillment. Whether you are a student learning the craft of preaching, or a veteran, Power in the Pulpit will provide you with a rich reservoir of fresh ideas and inspiration. (Logos)
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(formerly Rediscovering Expository Preaching)
Pastor [John] MacArthur and the distinguished faculty of The Master's Seminary provide an unparalleled introduction to expository preaching. In Preaching you will learn how to correctly "divide the word of truth" through biblical exegesis and how to powerfully apply the truth of Scripture to the people in your congregation. (Christianbook)
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Fred B. Craddock
A standard textbook on the art and craft of preaching. Craddock weaves history, theology, and hermeneutics into an exhaustive text on sermon preparation and preaching. Painstakingly prepared for seminary students and clergy, this book answers the fundamental question: How does one prepare and deliver a sermon? Craddock's approach is practical, but also allows for concentrated study of any particular dimension of the process. (Logos)
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J. Alec Motyer
Like many things in life, the skill of good preaching is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration. Alec Motyer's guide is based on a multitude of sermons over many years of preaching in many different situations, a recipe to help you know your subject and to pull the pieces together into a winning sermon. Preaching is a privilege: let Alec help you reach out and make the best of the gifts God has given you. (Logos)
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