SEBTC's Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
by Greg Williamson (c) revised 2016

In May 2000 I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological College (SEBTC; now: The College at Southeastern), Wake Forest, North Carolina. The degree represented the culmination of a dream that first began more than a dozen years earlier. Fourteen months into a 17-year prison sentence for two counts of armed-robbery, I gave my life to Jesus Christ (in October 1987). God immediately  blessed me with an insatiable appetite for his inspired, authoritative Word, the Bible, and I soon began working toward a Bible college degree and, hopefully, vocational ministry.

While God has thus far chosen to spare me from full-time ministry, nonetheless I manage to keep very busy with work, my family, Bible study, church, and maintaining my website, A Century 21 Disciple of Jesus. (Please click here for my Christian testimony.)

"The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is a two year (64 hour) program. As a prerequisite to admission into the program, basic education courses must be taken in an accredited baccalaureate program and applied to the B.A. degree by transfer. [I met this requirement through course work at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina.] To be admitted to this program a student must have completed an Associate of Arts degree or a minimum of 58 semester hours in an accredited associate or baccalaureate program." -- As found in the Southeastern Baptist Theological College 1999-2000 catalogue.

Following is a listing of the actual courses I completed at SEBTC, along with their description as found in the college catalogue.


CIS 203 Introduction to Computers: This course covers basic computer history, theory, and applications, including word processing and the basic operating system.

HIS 103 Survey of Western Culture: An examination of the various facets of western culture, music, art, literature, theater, etc., and a Christian evaluation of the cultural contributions and deficiencies of each. Every area will be evaluated in the light of the Bible.


BIB 201 Hermeneutics: An introduction to the basic principles of Biblical interpretation and hermeneutical procedures.


OTS 101 Old Testament Introduction: An introduction to the historical background of the Old Testament with a brief survey of its literature.

OTS 202 Minor Prophets: An exegetical and theological study of selected passages from the Minor Prophets using the English text.

OTS 301 Genesis: Intensive study of [Genesis] based on the English text.


NTS 101 New Testament Introduction: An introduction to the historical background of the New Testament with a brief survey of its literature.

NTS 406 I and II Peter-Jude: Intensive study of [I and II Peter-Jude] based on the English text.


GRK 201 New Testament Greek I: An introduction to the basic grammar of New Testament Greek.

GRK 202 New Testament Greek II: A continuation of grammatical studies together with beginning readings in the Greek New Testament.


THE 301 Christian Doctrine I: A study of the major doctrines of the Christian faith. The nature of theology, its methods and claims are discussed and assessed. The doctrines of revelation, God, creation and providence are examined.

THE 302 Christian Doctrine II: An examination of the doctrines of man, the person and work of Christ, the church and the Christian life, and the Christian hope.


IDE 111 The History of Ideas: Classical Greek Culture from Homer to Plato: [This course] examines the works and ideas of Homer, Aeschylus, Plutarch, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Sophocles, and Plato.


HIS 301 Church History 1: A survey of the history of Christianity from apostolic times through the Reformation.

HIS 302 Church History II: A survey of the history of Christianity from the Reformation to the present, including Baptist origins and development.

HIS 303 Baptist History and Distinctives: A study of Baptist origins, development, principles, leaders, and thought. Special attention is given to the distinctive contributions of Baptists.


MIS 301 Introduction to Missions: A study of Christian Missions including the Biblical motivation, historical advance, and basic philosophy. Special attention is given to contemporary issues and methods in missions.


MIN 405 Pastoral Counseling: A basic introduction to pastoral care. Attention is given to basic pastoral care theory and skills.


COM 301 Sermon Preparation: A study of the basic principles of sermon preparation with emphasis on the expository method.

COM 302 Sermon Delivery: This course consists of lectures on sermon delivery together with actual preparation and presentation of sermons by class members. Emphasis is placed on preaching without notes.


The following courses were completed through Moody Bible Institute's extension (correspondence) program, all of which were accepted toward my B.A.B.S. degree from SEBTC:


My BABS Degree